Leading Telemarketing Company

Our telemarketing strategy is tailored to help you achieve your goals, whether that's generating high-quality leads, acquiring new customers, or boosting sales. We offer customized services that enable you to build strong relationships and deliver value.


Outbound Call Center Solutions

Approximately 70% of customers prefer a more personalized experience when buying products and services. By using outbound call center services, businesses can regularly connect with potential clients while keeping an eye on their costs.

This is what sets us apart: our team of well-resourced outbound sales specialists, working closely with our Campaign Managers, utilize a well-orchestrated and results-driven approach to reach your target audience.

Managing Appointment

At 65Work, our main focus is helping our clients increase their sales. We do this by setting up face-to-face and phone appointments with targeted key decision makers who have shown an interest in the products or services offered by our clients. We strive to ensure that these appointments are successful and effective in driving sales.

B2B and B2C Telemarketing Solutions

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Our team deploys strategies for generating leads for your organization. We tailor each campaign to the specific needs of your business, using our experience and expertise to identify the most relevant individuals within prospective companies and initiate meaningful conversations about your company. Our goal is to efficiently and effectively build relationships and drive sales through personalized outreach and sales techniques.

Looking for more than just an Outbound Sales Team?

Our Combination Marketing Bundle helps to promote your company, convert inbound leads into sales, and generate leads from your target audience. It also allows you to communicate with and follow up on leads from a single point, freeing up your time to focus on your overall business strategy rather than routine tasks. This bundle helps you manage your customer communication and lead pipeline efficiently.



Of course we’re not saying that your long hours and dedication to your business is a fruitless exercise, but would you waste your budget on items you flat out knew were going to hinder your businesses ability to explode into the future?


Capture and convert potential leads through Team Wired's Lead Generation services. Our lead generation network provides your business with a constant stream of pre-qualified warm new leads.


They are the sole reason as to why your product, brand or offering exists. With our friendly, multilingual customer support team, we're able handle and manage customer inquiries with ease.